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The Woman Behind Nikki Jay Clothing



Danika Johnson’s fashion career started in 2006 in Sacramento, CA. She opened an online store called Size Sexy Boutique where she resold plus size clothing, costume jewelry and accessories. By purchasing clothing from online whole sale vendors and local discount retail stores, she realized that buying clothing for the plus size customers was inconsistent. A 3x purchased from one store differed from the same size in another store so it was hard to find a true size 3x. During this time period, Danika started making custom jewelry instead of buying it because it was more cost effective and gave her customers unique jewelry pieces.
She relocated to Los Angeles in 2007 and decided to close the store at that time. As a part of the relocation, she reevaluated viability of reopening the online store. Her initial experiences in buying plus-size for resale lead her to the decision to design and create a clothing line for her store instead of reselling clothing made by large manufacturers. While in LA, she worked as a plus size model to build a brand and create a following to pave the way for creating her own clothing line.
After working as a model for 4 years, Danika moved back to Sacramento to focus on building the ground work to launch her own clothing line. After 2 years of development and implementation, Danika launched her clothing line called Nikki Jay - a clothing line specifically for plus size women. In parallel, Danika decided it would was imperative that she enroll in a Fashion Retailing program to learn the business end of creating and maintaining a successful clothing line. In 2014, she enrolled in the Art Institute of Sacramento and is currently a student there.
Danika’s clothing line has been featured at The Dynasty of Curves Anniversary Party, Art Institute of Sacramento’s Next Awards where she won the Criterion Award for achievement, Sacramento's Premier Holiday Expo, Hair & Fashion Explosion, The Chunky Dunk and The Plus Size Clothing Swap.
Designing clothing for the underserved plus size community is her passion. She is a forward thinking and upcoming designer from Sacramento who wants to show the fashion world that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes.