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The Best, Worst & Weirdest Instagram Fashion Trends To Emerge In Quarantine

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When we first began this lockdown journey (to our couches), we really wondered what would become of the stylish masses on Instagram. Would OOTDs suddenly become obsolete? Would everyone finally just give up and spend the foreseeable future in their saddest pajamas? But to paraphrase one of our favorite Jeff Goldblum characters, "Fashion, uh, finds a way." As it turns out, trends can spread without people being in close proximity to each other, so long as enough of us embrace it on the 'gram. From the chic to the strangely specific, to, honestly, the downright strange, click through for all the style statements to emerge in quarantine.

Best: Tie-Dye Lounge Sets

We really thought we exhausted the tie-dye trend last summer, but it's back - and comfier than ever. Influencers across the 'gram (including le problematique Arielle Charnas) have been posting their colorful loungewear sets, and has reported a 98% spike in the style since people started staying home. Honestly, we'll take any form of stretchy pants that somehow make us seem somewhat put-together right now.

[Photo via @casspy_fashion]

Weirdest: Belted Pillow Dresses

A testament to just how crazy we are all going, the "pillow challenge" has stylish circles of IG putting designer belts around their fluffiest pillows to create, admittedly, kind of cute little mini-dresses. A bit Giambattista Valli for H&M, non?

But still, totally weird.

[Photo via @krissactress]

Best: DIY Designer Face Masks

We are loving the fact that so many people have found creative ways to DIY their own face masks (and donate some to the healthcare workers who need them!) and sure, while it may be a little silly to flaunt a label on such an item, this is at least something useful you can do with all those designer dust bags you've been saving.

[Photo via @estcequelle]

Weirdest: Accessorizing Gloves

Like, conceptually, we get it - it's on-theme and a little cheeky. But, functionally, putting bling on the gloves you're using to protect yourself from coronavirus just doesn't make any sense. Do you think germs just happen to avoid jewelry? How are you supposed to sterilely remove them? Are you now going to stick that watch in some bleach? This is all so stressful.

[Photo via @rosacrespo]

Best: Chanel Under-Eye Patches

Self-care is super important right now, duh. But we're a little pissed that we missed the memo about stocking up on these $130 Chanel-branded under-eye patches. Slightly absurd, but definitely chic.

[Photo via @cassdimicco]

Weirdest: Business Up Top, Party On The Bottom

Confirming our suspicion that everyone in the Zoom meeting is definitely not wearing pants.

[Photo via @hoskelsa]

Worst: Poolside Bikinis

OK, first of all, fuck you.

Second of all, can I please quarantine at your house?

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